Improve audio quality with Spotify Equalizer

If you notice unusual sounds at high volumes with your Boombots and/or Bass Station, try doing a couple things to optimize your equalizer. Sometimes music streaming services and audio files have a wide variety of performance characteristics.

Spotify now has a built in equalizer.

  1. Tap 
  2. Tap Settings, then Playback.
  3. Tap Equalizer.
  4. Switch Equalizer to on.
  5. Tap a preset to activate it.
  6. Customize by dragging the dots on the equalizer.

Pick the EQ that is best matched with you music. On bass heavy songs, we recommend the bass reducer setting to eliminate clipping or speaker damage. The best things is to play your music while adjusting the EQ.

If you notice any unusual noises that are not corrected by EQ adjustments, please contact


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