IPX7 Waterproof Performance

The Boombot PRO is certified by a 3rd party laboratory with an IP-X7 rating. This rating ensures complete sealing underwater for 30 minutes in a depth of up to 3 feet.

The speaker was designed to be used in water sports with a high fidelity audio playback to cover activities including but not limited to: stand-up paddle boarding, surfing, skiing/snow- boarding, use in the shower or river rafting.

The Boombot PRO was NOT designed, nor does the IP-X7 speaker testing allow for the use of the speaker with audio playing underwater. The unit will withstand submersion during playback in water, extremely heavy rain/snow exposure. It Is not intended to be played for an extensive period while submersed.

We encourage our customers to use the Boombot PRO in a variety of outdoor activities excluding scuba diving and underwater basket weaving. 

Boombotix will warranty all products for water damage under the standard 1-year warranty policy. We expect all of our products will keep up to the demands of the outdoors, the street, and wherever life takes you. 


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