Resetting/Troubleshooting a Bluetooth Connection

Press the Volume '+' and '-' buttons at the same time.

You should notice the LED indicator blinking blue once you've successfully reset the connection. 

You will have to re-pair with your device. 

If you are having issues with connectivity or streaming audio, resetting the Bluetooth connection can alleviate the issue. You may also:

  • Try to turn Bluetooth OFF and ON with your streaming music device/handset
  • Turn your music device/handset off completely and re-start
  • Try to pair with a different device (like a laptop or a friend/family's phone)
  • Power off the Boombotix device and restart it
  • Do a hard reset on the Boombotix device by pressing and holding the Volume '+' and '-' buttons for 10 seconds. 

If you still have pairing issues after trying all of these above, please contact to submit a warranty claim. 


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