Known Bugs

We've had some issues with audio fidelity in pairing with older operating system Macbooks. Users have been experiencing muffled sound in some units. 

For some, this has been resolved by updating to most recent version of OSX.


At higher volumes, we found some units drawing so much power onto the amp that it was dropping the voltage to the Bluetooth Module. This caused some interference in signal. In some cases, this could be solved with a battery charge, but in a hand full, we had to replace the battery or internals. 

If you have this issue.... hit up and get it sorted under warranty.  


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    Deandre Brown

    My BoomBot Rex (Green) isn't making any sound or playing back anything. When I turn on the speaker it doesn't make the very familiar "Thunder Sound" And doesn't make the ding sound when I connect it to my phone. It's charged fine because on my phone it shows a full bar next to the B(for Bluetooth) any suggestions on how to fix this. Please help I have a party in a week

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    Benny Cheng

    My boombot (blue) buzzes when I make the volume of it higher... The battery is fine but it buzzes when I turn it louder...

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    Emma Laymon

    My Boombot Rex was working fine until today. I try to autopair it to my cell phone. Nothing. I have no lights anymore and when I plug it in, it doesn't do anything. I have to manually pair it and I can't turn it on/off or turn the volume up/down.

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    Walvid Dubose

    My speaker is not working right! !!!!

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    Michael Easterday

    Mine just stop working .. I sent a email but no response

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