Adding A2DP Bluetooth onto Windows7 Devices

One of our really awesome fans just posted this as she was having issues with some of the audio drivers on her Windows7 computer. 

I did several searches and attemped to resolve the issue of "No sound" from my Windows 7 laptop to my Boombot Rex speaker. the final attempt was locating and installing Windows Mobile Device Center followed by updates. I did get Rex recognized as a speaker and got some sound. However, it was terrible. And, every time I went out and back into PC I had to uninstall Rex and reinstall drivers. On a final attempt, I received this message:

“Compatibility issue between a Bluetooth service and Windows
A service associated with a Bluetooth enabled device isn't compatible with this version of Windows. This service might not be required for this device to work properly.
If your Bluetooth enabled device is working properly, you can ignore this error. Other Bluetooth connections, and your devices, will continue to work properly.
If your device is not working properly, or if you believe this service is necessary, contact your device manufacturer." 

In conclusion, I don't think the problem is yours - the device manufacturer. There are compatibility issue between Bluetooth speakers and Windows 7 Home Premium. If you want a workaround, this one might do > To stream HiDef music from PC to a Blutooth(BT) device – e.g. wireless headphones or BT wireless speakers - using BlueTooth adaptor you’ll need a A2DP driver, which Windows Xp, Vista and 7 don’t supply.

As for me, I am content to take Rex and Vega (my GS3) out in the Great Northwet and enjoy the awesome sound. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait to see the new PA.

This is from Barbara Baker who posted this to our Facebook. Good lookin' out. Anyone having similar issues?


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