How to use a Boombot REX Speaker

step by step instructions on using the boombot rex ultraportable speaker

As Boombot REX units are finding their new homes, there's some things you should know about your new Boombot. We've made a quick video summarizing the Boombot REX User Guide, which comes in the bottom of every Boombot REX package. With great power comes great responsibility.

Boombot REX Quick Start guide

  1. Charge: Connect the Boombot REX to a USB port to charge with included cable.
  2. Pair: Use power button to turn on Boombot REX, which will enter discoverable mode. Search for Boombot REX in device’s Bluetooth settings on your mobile device.  Select to pair with the Boombot REX.
  3. Play:  Tap play button(top right) for play/pause, answer/end phone. Tap twice for next track. Tap or hold (+) (-) buttons for volume control.

Comprehensive user manuals for the Boombot REX are available in ever box and also online in our downloads page. Check out our How To Video to get an in-depth view on how your Boombot REX unit works.

Now that you have figured out the ins and outs of using the Boombot REX, take this guy everywhere and enjoy the soundtrack to your life. 


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