How to use a Boombot REX Speaker

step by step instructions on using the boombot rex ultraportable speaker

As Boombot REX units are finding their new homes, there's some things you should know about your new Boombot. We've made a quick video summarizing the Boombot REX User Guide, which comes in the bottom of every Boombot REX package. With great power comes great responsibility.

Boombot REX Quick Start guide

  1. Charge: Connect the Boombot REX to a USB port to charge with included cable.
  2. Pair: Use power button to turn on Boombot REX, which will enter discoverable mode. Search for Boombot REX in device’s Bluetooth settings on your mobile device.  Select to pair with the Boombot REX.
  3. Play:  Tap play button(top right) for play/pause, answer/end phone. Tap twice for next track. Tap or hold (+) (-) buttons for volume control.

Comprehensive user manuals for the Boombot REX are available in ever box and also online in our downloads page. Check out our How To Video to get an in-depth view on how your Boombot REX unit works.

Now that you have figured out the ins and outs of using the Boombot REX, take this guy everywhere and enjoy the soundtrack to your life. 


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    erik docktor

    I'm a little confused about next/prev track - the boombot rex store page says to doubletap the volume up/down buttons, the pdf manual says nothing about either, and this technote says to doubletap play to advance with no provision for previous track. I can't seem to make any of them work.

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    Hey Erik, for track changes, you just have to double-tap the center button. We made that change pre-production in order to make room for Siri. Volume buttons only control volume right now.  

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    More Privacy

    Hi, I love the sound and design of the speaker. But, I really don't like that it makes a loud, weird sound every time I turn it off and on. Like, I'm on the beach with my girlfriend, the sun is going down, we're drinking wine. I put on some music BEEWWWOOO!! Mood.... altered. Or I'm walking down a quiet street, turn on some soft music BEEEWWWOOOWOOO!!! :/ Is there any way to make it not do that? It's really annoying and attention grabbing.

    One other thing, I have been charging it all day with my laptop and it's still blinking orange. Is this normal? Thanks, I don't mean to sound rude I think it's a great product especially for biking I just don't like the sounds.

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    David Elkan

    I have just received the Boombot Rex. The blue light will not turn off. Any suggestions please.

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    Daniel Mangus
    Just got a new rex after my one i had for two weeks compley the new one wont play any sound ...what do i do
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    Nathan Nordin

    What is the indicator that it is fully charged?

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    Tracy Eyman

    So i got a boombot rex i love hooking it up with my ihome to make it louder but idk what happened but a dim blue light is on no music will play through it it wont show a green light when its connected to a charger and it wont turn off or make a sound

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    santiago reyes

    My boombotix had a dim blue light for the past 3 days and won't connect , turn on or off and won't turn green when I charge it

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    Debra Morga

    I needs contact number I needs new device . It is u see warranty I have date and receipt please don't mess with me

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    Sasha FitzHerbert

    I bought a boombot rex yesterday and I've charged it longer than 2hrs and the green light is still flashing. When I connect my phone to it while it's charging the blue light continues to flash and no sound will come out of the speaker but I can control the song. When the speaker is not charging it will not turn on. What's up with it??

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    Lucas Winters

    My sound is terrible when connected via Bluetooth, but sounds great when using the auxiliary cord. I have the Odd Future Boombot Rex.

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    Stephen Pletcher (SDPMaster)

    Hello -  I have a Boombot Rex and it was worked well pairing with my Samsung Smartphone. However, I now have an Asus Tablet which I'm trying to pair it with. When I go through the Bluetooth pairing steps, the tablet finds the Rex but when I click on it to pair, I get a "Can't communicate with Boobto REX_Ble" message. I've searched for that message and for any FAQ relating to this problem but haven't found it. Can anyone suggest how to get these two devices to actually find each other?  Thanks,

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    Eric Heartquist

    Hen charging, my REX02 blinks orange, not green like the manual says, is this OK?

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    Santiago Torres

    hey i have a bombot rex the odd future one but it doesn't seem to be charging at all what do i do?


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    Hector rodriguez

    Hi i have a bombot rex My speakers do not work, it's connected to my phone and it does not emit anything

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    Marco j Sanchez

    I bought the boombox yesterday, had it charging for 24 hrs it would not power on. took it to the store where i bought it and exchanged it for a diffrent one, took the new one home put it to charge and i am experiencing the same problem as the first one. it would not hold a charge, it will not power on unless its plugged-in to a power source, i feel like i just bought a very expensive paper weight.

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    Carolyn Henthorn

    Got mine as a gift. it charges, and will come on, but if you take the charging cable off it shuts off and won't come on.  what do you do?

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