Precautions on Boombot REX


We've been using the Boombot REX for several months now and there are a couple areas we'd like to draw some attention to just to ensure you get the best performance and lifetime on your unit.

be careful on the micro usb

Boombot REX micro USB   When you plug in the rear micro USB on the Boombot REX, do not try to push the connector too far. It might look like the connector is not in all the way, but if the green light is glowing on the speaker, the unit is accepting a charge. We are making some modifications to reinforce this connector, but we found that by being a little more ginger with this connector will increase the longevity of long term wear and tear. Should you have any issues with it, we are happy to offer our free repair/replacement.

Use the bezel for leverage to avoid denting the front grill

With the current position of the Boombot REX buttons, the front grill can become warped if you try to use it for leverage to access the buttons. Try using the bezel around the grill for leverage instead and keep that grill looking fresh 'n' flat.  This is just a cosmetic thing, but if your unit is looking old and haggard, you can freshen it up with custom grill kits.

respect the clip tension

We increased the spring tension on the clips to be slightly more badass. While this is awesome for getting crazy with your unit staying secured, we noticed that if you put your thumb positioned vertically, it puts a lot of tension on the clip loop. The clip loop can snap under too much tension. We are building reinforced clips which we are happy to ship out to anyone that has an issue with this in the field. This is primarily another cosmetic issue that will go unnoticed. The hole in the clip is a great place to add a fail-safe tie if you use this product while riding at high speeds. A shoestring or heavy duty rubber band make a great fail-safe. Clip-Usage



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