Track/Music Playback Control Bluetooth Issues on iOS7 -

Recently downloaded iOS7 and it wiped out the Boombots availability to relay signals via Bluetooth on A2DP.  In the Apple Support forum, @Madrid77 had a really good fix to the problem:

Just to make sure that you followed the steps exactly:

  1. remove all Bluetooth profiles from your phone
  2. hard reset your phone (very important step) by holding power and the home button till the phone powers off.
  3. while your phone is off go to your car and remove your Bluetooth connection to your device.
  4. power your device back on (will take a little longer than normal)
  5. pair your device to your car as instructed by car/stereo owners manual

Again. You need to follow the steps exactly.

 If your Bluetooth device is now pairing or responding to your device still, then you may have an issue with the hardware.  


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