How to Pair Your Boombot2/REX with Macintosh

Hey ya'll! There's a slight bug when Bluetooth pairing with Macbook computers. Thankfully, the workaround is both simple and quick!


First of all, pair the BB2/REX with your computer as you normally would any other device. Here's a quick run-down on how to do that in case this is your first Bluetooth-enabled device (for those who are already familiar, only Steps 4 and 6 are special to the BB2/REX):


Step 1: Open your Bluetooth preferences panel. This can be done in two ways:

a) Click the drop-down Bluetooth menu and select "Open Bluetooth Preferences."




b) Open your System Preferences and click the Bluetooth icon, located under the "Internet & Wireless" row.


Step 2: Click the little '+' in the bottom left corner of the Bluetooth preferences page. The Bluetooth Setup Assistant window will pop up.



Step 3: Turn on your BB2/REX. After a few seconds, your device will show up in the list. Make sure it's selected and click "Continue"



Step 4: YOU MAY GET A WARNING THAT THE PAIRING WAS UNSUCCESSFUL! The message shown below is one example. Regardless of the error, click "Continue." Your BB2/REX should pair on the second attempt.



Step 5: When prompted, click "Quit."



Step 6: The BB2/REX will continue to stay in pairing mode, and your Mac will say that your device is "Not Connected." This is normal. AT THIS POINT, TURN YOUR BOOMBOT 2/REX OFF, THEN ON AGAIN. Only after doing this step will your BB2/REX be paired! You will hear the successful pairing tone from your device, and the bluetooth preferences will show that your device is connected:



Now you're ready to ROCK! Enjoy your cord-free bangin' audio!


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    Philippa Chancellor-Weale

    I've followed all the instructions but it's been stuck on "gathering additional information about your device" for the last 25mins 

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    Dave Hart

    Perfect instructions.  I'd done everything except the very last step of turning it off and on again.  I never would have thought of that on my own.

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