Make ANY Audio System Wireless with the Boombot2

Now that you've successfully connected your Boombot2 to your audio playback device, you're probably thinking, 'it doesnt get much better than this.' Well, it does. Let me explain. 

When the Boombot2 is in hard-wire mode (Green LED), the audio port on the jack serves as an audio-in, as does the Boombot1. However, in Bluetooth mode, this jack has a second function! 

When paired in Bluetooth mode (Blue LED), you can plug any audio device into the back of the Boombot2 using the included 1/8" retractable audio cable, and the same sound will be sent to this device. Essentially, this means you can have wireless audio control over any device using your Boombot2. Connect it to a Boombot1, connect it to your home's sound system. Anything goes. 


Now take this and mix it with a party. Undoubtedly, you'll be the most popular person there. Because its more than just the tunes, its about the way you play. 


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