Pairing the Boombot2 with your Mac OS X Computer (MacBook, iMac)

Connecting the Boombot2 to your Mac OS X computer is simple.  It gives you the wireless freedom to control your music from your computer and listen to it anywhere around you. We will get into connecting a paired Boombot2 with other wireless devices momentarily. 

First, press the center button on your Boombot2 twice.  The star LED illuminates blue at this point.  If it is green, press the center button again.

In the OS X menubar (or browse to Apple Menu > System Preferences > Bluetooth), select "Set Up Bluetooth Device".




Select the BoomBot2 bluetooth device.



If prompted, enter the code '0000' to connect with device.



Hold down the "Option/Alt" key, and click on the volume icon in the OS X Menubar.  Select BoomBot2 Stereo as your audio device.  Play audio through any app, iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, or even YouTube!



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    Deborah Smith Ford

    thanks for making it easy!


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    Lief Storer

    We found a couple people have had issues with the sound quality streaming to their Boombot. 

    You can usually fix this by just restarting your soundcard on your laptop. Open your "Activity Monitor". Find a program running "Core Audio" and stop the process. This will stop your music. Restart it on your laptop and see if that works. 

    This process is just for OSX. There may be a similar process to restart your audio processing on PC/Windows.  

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